【CD】ターロック・オキャロラン作品全集 1 「魂と肉体の別れ」

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ターロック・オキャロラン作品全集 1 「魂と肉体の別れ」

The Complete works of Turlough O'Carolan

演奏 : 守安 功 , 守安雅子

制作 : ワオンレコード

収録曲目: :

1.John Peyton
2.Counsellor Dillon
3.Mrs. Bermingham First Air & Second Air
4.The Two William Davises
5.Bridget Cruise First Air
6.Bridget Cruise Second Air
7.Hugh Kelly
8.Henry MacDermott Roe Third Air
9.The Honourable Thomas Burke
10.Planxty Sweeny
11.Mrs. Garvey First Air
12.Mrs. Garvey Second Air
13.Mable Kelly
14.Planxty Scott
15.Mrs. Edwards
16.Richard Cusack
17.Farewell to Lough Neaghe
18.Miss Crofton
19.Blind Mary
20.Edward Corcoran
21.Nancy Cooper First Air & Second Air
22.Edward Dodwell
23.James Crofton
24.James Plunkett
25.Mrs. Delany
26.Catherine Martin
27.William Eccles
28.Lady St. John
29.Lady Gethin
30.Mrs. Cole
31.Mrs. Waller
32.Separation of Soul and Body
33.Lament for Terence MacDonough